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  PVC Twist Wrap Film:

Used extensively in confectionary industry for wrapping of toffees and other kind of sweets. Also used for wrapping gift articles such as candles and show pieces.

  PVC Film for Print Lamination:

Used for lamination over paper board used for packaging boxes for any kind of consumer products such as saarees, soaps, incense sticks, tooth-paste, etc. Also used for lamination over paper such as craft paper, posters and sticker sheets.

  PVC Film for Blisters Packaging:

Used by pharmaceutical companies for packaging of tablets. Also used for packaging of various kinds of consumer goods such as batttries, tooth-brush, chewing gums, etc.

PVC Film for Sticker and Labels:

Used for purpose of making stickers and labels for price tags, brand names, logos, etc.


Used by students and people for covering notebooks and text books in schools as well as offices.

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